Hwy 82 (Main St.) Reconstruction

Reconstruction for Main Street, also known as Hwy 82, is scheduled to start in August. The reconstruction will reduce flooding, beautify the downtown with plants and seating, as well as improve visibility. To reduce the negative impact the construction will have on downtown businesses, Lovington MainStreet created a mitigation plan. 

The Road Construction mitigation plan will focus on beautifying the alley directly behind Cornerstone Coffee House. The alley will be branded as Central Alley and will feature five graffiti mural, lighting, and temporary seating. Lovington MainStreet is working with the City of Lovington and New Mexico MainStreet to address the falling building on the South Corner. Lovington MainStreet received grants from multiple sources totaling $25,000 for the graffiti murals and electrical upgrades.

Lovington MainStreet’s Construction Mitigation Plan for Hwy 82 has three (3) main parts.

  1. Beautify Central Alley by clearing trash and weeds as well as installing graffiti murals and lighting.
  2. Develop and implement a practical plan to address the falling building on Central Alley.
  3. Market and promote alternative entrances and access points through radio, social media, print, and signage.

Stay tuned for updates and more info on the reconstruction of Main Street!