Our Vision for Downtown is this

“As you enter Downtown Lovington, it’s clear you’ve arrived in a special place. Downtown entry signs welcome you to the area and directionals point you to areas of interest. The entire area is easy to walk, bike, or drive, and you feel safe being in Downtown at any time of day.

As you walk along Main Street and the Central Avenue area, you are struck by the beautiful historic Lea County Courthouse and all of the storefronts along Main Street that have been restored. Most of the businesses are locally-owned, offer a wide range of commercial goods and services, and are buzzing with shoppers. The store owners and employees are friendly and accommodating.

The Lea Theater provides the cultural hub for Downtown, with events and performances scheduled throughout the year. Outdoor events are taking place at the Fran Atchley Plaza, Storybook Park, and the new Lea County Veterans Memorial. Downtown Lovington has truly become a great American Main Street.”

To make this vision a reality, Lovington MainStreet has developed two economic transformation strategies.

Strategy 1:

Implement physical upgrades that support an increase in occupancy within the District properties. If we can improve the physical environment and public infrastructure, we can stimulate private reinvestment and create a pedestrian friendly downtown district.

Strategy 2:

Create/develop a downtown destination Cluster. If we grow the Main Street District’s dining, shopping and entertainment offerings, we enhance its position as a dining and entertainment district, thus capturing larger shares of the market demand of trade-area residents, workers and visitors.

Lovington MainStreet's office front, located in the Lister Building @ 114 E Central Ave, Lovington, NM 88260.

Visit Lovington MainStreet today in the Lister Building at the Lea County Museum.