Façade Improvement Program

HEY! Downtown Business/Building Owner!

Does your storefront need a “face lift?”  Could your building use a make-over?

Lovington MainStreet would like to invite Downtown Business and/or Building Owners to apply for funding through our Façade Improvement Program (FIP).   The FIP is a volunteer-driven, fund-matching grant opportunity, qualified through New Mexico MainStreet’s Façade Squad, MainStreet Placemaking or MainStreet Interiors Design Initiatives. This is a competitive selection process. You can download an application by clicking below.

You are an important part of the MainStreet community. By participating in this program, your business will enhance the overall visual quality of downtown, in turn creating a more positive image of Lovington.  We appreciate your dedication to improving your property and revitalizing Downtown Lovington.  Lovington MainStreet looks forward to working with you in the upcoming months to plan and implement the “new face” of your building or business.

If you need further information, please feel free to contact us.

Best of luck to you!