Local Innovators Institute

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The dreamer spirit is alive and well in our community. Lovington is a place filled with possibilities, and big dreams have launched from our small town. Our goal as a revitalization organization is to fill vacancies with businesses that support the high volume of traffic downtown (i.e., restaurants, microbreweries, and gaming places, to name a few).

To reduce the overall risk local entrepreneurs face in rural communities, Lovington MainStreet focuses on creating programs that teach and increase their success rate. The Local Innovators Institute is a training program that grows our community entrepreneurs that want to start a specialty business or restaurant. Our trainings bring experts to our rural community and connects community members with governmental agencies.

Downtown Bites

Downtown Bites is a 7-week course that provides knowledge and technical assistance to candidates from real current restaurant owners. It also gives them hands-on experience in “Big Blue” (our mobile food truck), where they can test their concept and see their actual numbers. Downtown Bites is held from March-July.

Off the Clock Connections

Off the Clock Connections brings local entrepreneurs together in a casual setting to learn, share ideas and mentor each other. Our get-togethers will allow business owners to ask each other questions, give advice, and establish a network of resources. Off the Clock Connections will host a presenter that can assist or benefit small businesses as well as motivational speakers that will inspire new goals.