Downtown Wayfinding

We want to make sure when you enter Downtown Lovington, it is clear that you have arrived in a special place—a place where downtown gateways welcome you to the area and signs point you to areas of interest. The entire area is easy to walk, bike, or drive, and you feel safe being in Downtown at any time of day.

In 2018, Lovington MainStreet set out to develop a wayfinding system that highlighted our roots. Through a committee process, we developed a design that truly encompassed our resilient and innovative heritage. The design features the energy sector industry that defines our community, and includes our agriculture and farming history. The wayfinding system has received the support of the community and various stakeholders.

CLICK HERE for a map of our future wayfinding sites.


  • Entryways:
    Will be placed on Main Street at the two major entries to the Downtown core district. The gateways are designed to let visitors know that they are entering Downtown and to expect a higher concentration of pedestrians and to slow their driving speed. One will be set at Madison Street at the north entry and one set at Avenue B at the south entry.
  • Directional Signs:
    Directional signs will highlight visitor destinations, such as the Lea County Courthouse, Lea Theater, Lea Museum, Lovington Library, Fran Atchley Plaza, etc. Most of the directional signs will sit along Main Street, with a few along the side streets of Central Avenue, and Love Street. They will also include trivia, fun facts, or activities that educate the public of the multiple energy sources we develop in Lea County.
  • Kiosks:
    Kiosks provide the opportunity to inform visitors about what Downtown Lovington has to offer by illustrating the attractions on a mounted map. A kiosk is recommended for the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue, within Fran Atchley Plaza and another to be placed at the Lea County Memorial.

The design features the energy sector industry that defines our community, and includes our agriculture and farming history.

  • Phase 1: Design and develop engineer stamp construction documents.
  • Phase 2: Install entry signs
  • Phase 3: Install 7 directional signs
  • Phase 4: Install 2 kiosks

We are currently working on phase 1 and 2. We are grateful to have been awarded grant moneys from New Mexico MainStreet, Lea County, and the JF Maddox Foundation. Thanks to our successful partnerships, we have raised $80,000 towards the project. While we are far from accomplishing our goal, we continue to apply for grant opportunities and hope to complete the project by 2022.

Check back with us for updates!